Software Hakelsoft

Software Hakelsoft

hakelsoft-p - risk assessment according to EN IEC 62305-2

hakelsoft-g - rolling sphere method according to EN IEC 62305-3

hakelsoft-g3D - rolling sphere method in 3D according to EN IEC 62305-3

hakelsoft-t - separation distance and protective angle calculation according to EN IEC 62305-3


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How to install Hakelsoft software

  1. It is necessary to install Java software before downloading Hakelsoft program
  2. Choose the relevant file below to download the program – you will get the demo version
  3. If you are interested in a full version of particular software you will need a registration key. Fulfil the registration form below and we will provide you with registration key after that
  4. After downloading the software, you can choose the preferable language mutation (Czech, English or French)

Hakelsoft programs manual to download.

Are you having a trouble to start the program or is it not working properly? Use our Frequently Asked Questions where you can find solutions for the most common user problems.



hakelsoft-p - risk assessment Download
hakelsoft-g - rolling sphere Download
hakelsoft-g 3D - rolling sphere Download
hakelsoft-t -separation distance and protective angle Download
Java Download
Instruction of Hakelsoft Download

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